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EAC Twin Turbo Kit - CARB EO# D-873

EAC Twin Turbo Kit - CARB EO# D-873

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50 state legal , CARB EO# D-873

** Emissions compliant calibration includes:

-Launch Control (6MT only)
-Flat foot shifting (6MT only)
-PIN Locked Anti-Theft Mode
-Engine coolant overheat protection
-AFR Failsafe


** Fully equipped with every hose and gasket needed to complete installation. No trips to the parts store to buy additional items.

Two turbochargers are fitted to the engine, each with its own dedicated air intake piping. Air is drawn through individual (2) air filters near the front bumper. The air is compressed by the turbo charger(s) and then fed through a front mounted intercooler behind the front bumper. The air travels from the intercooler into the intake manifold. Additional fueling is supplied through a combination of larger fuel injectors and a fuel pump capable of additional flow.

Fits all Nissan/Infiniti vehicles equipped with the Nissan VQ37VHR Engine. All supporting modifications are included alongside primary kit components:

BTW Tuning VQ37 GTR TT Adapter Kit

Twin Nissan R35 GTR Turbochargers , revised by BTW Tuning
Compressor Exducer Size: 60mm
Compressor Inducer Size: 46mm
Turbine Inducer Size: 53mm
Turbine Exducer Size: 48mm

Turbowerx Exa-Pump Oil Scavenge System

Z1 Urethane Adjustable Engine Mounts

AEM 340 LPH Fuel Pump

Denso R35 GTR 650cc Fuel Injectors

AAM Stage 1 Intercooler

Custom AC Line

Omni 4 Bar Map Sensor

All aluminum piping

Z1 Oil Pan Spacer

Genuine Nissan R35 GTR Recirculation Valves

Genuine Nissan R35 GTR Wastegate Actuators (8psi)

Z1 Motorsports 25 Row Thermostatically Controlled Engine Oil Cooler Kit

Ecutek Bluetooth Unit

Ecutek Deskey

Ecutek Licensing

Emissions compliant calibration with one year of support!

Expected power output as tested on 91 octane fuel on an otherwise completely unmodified vehicle:

Expect around 400 ft lbs wheel torque & 430 wheel horsepower - actual numbers will vary depending on vehicle exhaust configuration and other factors.

*Kit peak potential has been dyno tested to show 678 horsepower and 660 ft-lbs of torque TO THE WHEELS!

For more details about the race build shown on the above graph, please contact Ben Lee at

*Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the EAC Twin Turbo Kit, as exempted by the California Air Resources Board, that adversely affect the performance of the vehicle's emission control system, shall invalidate the executive order applied to this kit.

*The executive order D-873 does not constitute a certification, accreditation, approval, or any other type of endorsement by the California Air Resources Board of any claims of EAC concerning anti-pollution benefits or any alleged benefits of the EAC Twin Turbo Kit.



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